Property for sale in Galicia and Asturias

Galicia and Asturias are located in the North of Spain and form part of the Costa Verde (or Green Coast). This is where the Spanish come on holiday to escape the fierce heat of central Spain in the Summer. The climate is fairly similar to the UK although the Summers are a little warmer and a lot longer, and the Winters are less cold and much shorter. It is true Spain and is unspoilt by mass tourism.


Our focus is on properties in the area close to the border between Galicia and Asturias. The nearest airport is Santiago de Compostela (Ryanair) and this is just over an hour's drive away. Santander port (Brittany Ferries) is three hours away. Ribadeo is the nearest large town on the coast. Other towns of note are Vegadeo and Taramundi.

The majority of the properties are not habitable and require extensive restoration. There are only a few properties on the site as these are the ones felt to represent fantastic value for money. 

La Paloma beach

The coastline is breathtaking with a mixture of beautiful white sandy beaches and rocky coves. There are no skyscraper apartment blocks here! Inland the countryside is gentle and picturesque with hills and valleys, cascading rivers, villages dating back centuries, and a lifestyle that is a million miles from the hustle and bustle of UK life. The food is fantastic, there are hundreds of fiestas every year, there is impressive architecture, the outdoor life is tremendous with walking, birdwatching, water sports and fishing all feauturing in the area. And then there is living here .......................

Galician cabazo

Choosing a property here is a fun activity and need not be as daunting as it seems. Yes, a basic understanding of Spanish is an advantage, but there are plenty of people who can help you who speak very good English. We can help put you in touch with these people. Buying the property, deciding what you want to do with it, and then embarking on the restoration process, is all an adventure. There will be moments of anxiety, stress and frustration, but at the end of it all is a lifestyle worth waiting for.

Granero del Burro

To help you get a better understanding of the area and the restoration process, have a look at these 2 blogs.

Granero del Burro

Visit Galicia

Property for sale in Vilaseca, Galicia - €79,000


A large house in the quiet village of Vilaseca, near Riotorto, with fantastic views out over the valley and beyond. The house was built in the 1970's and is a very solid property with concrete floors and stairs. The adjacent parcel of land (2000m2) is available free of charge if the house is purchased. There are mainly fruit trees on the land.


Outside the front of the house there is a large space where you can park 2 or 3 cars. This area leads on the the attached land. The front door opens into a porch area with the kitchen on the right and dining area on the left. There is also a garage area that could be redeveloped to create a larger ground floor space.

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Up the flight of stairs there is a first floor comprising 3 bedrooms, an office, a bathroom and a balcony along the front face of the building. The internal walls are thin brick so the whole area could be reconfigured to suit your needs. The floors are very solid so you could even put the kitchen, dining area and lounge on the first floor to take advantage of the views across the valley.

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Another flight of stairs leads up to the top floor which sits within the roof space. There are windows around the perimeter but the area is essentially open without partitions. This area could be used for bedrooms, office, studio or fun zone. The roof is in good condition and is visually quite rustic. 

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In addition to the main house, there is a large space attached to the house. There is no access in to the house but this could easily be done. This could be used as a storage space, workshop, gym or fun party space. An access could also be made to go outside.


The house has electricity and water from a spring. As it was originally a house, then a licence should be relatively easy to obtain to do the works required.

So this property requires some imagination and some work to create the perfect living space, but the structure of the house is sound and the renovation work could be done relatively inexpensively. You would then have a great property, designed to your specification and with great views out over the valley. You would also be on the edge of a small Galician village so would be able to integrate with the local people and become part of village life. 

Property for sale in Naraido, San Tirso de Abres, Asturias - €95,000


This property is a fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to start an adventure in Northern Spain - it would be ideal for tourism, someone with a large number of visiting family and friends or just as an exciting property to develop in a unique way.

It is situated in the hamlet of Naraido which is fairly unique in that one half of it is in Galicia and the other half in Asturias. This property is in Asturias. Click here for a map.


Essentially there is one house that is habitable (just) with a nice kitchen and 5 rooms all on the same floor. There is a small bathroom. The two front rooms have fantastic views out over the valley. The house has a recently new roof and is beautifully pointed. Both of these are expensive jobs if you have to do them yourself. Downstairs is the boiler room and oil tank as well as a storage area/workshop. There is a huge supply of wood that is included in the price. The furniture is also included if you want it.



Across the access from the main house are a number of outbuildings. There is a washing area, an area that has been turned into a kitchen/dining area for large parties, a covered parking area and another fantastic outbuilding. All of these have recently renewed roofs and have been pointed and would be ideal for turning into a great space for tourists/visitors. Once again there is a mountain of cut wood that is included in the sale.



There is a third property which is attached to the main house. This property needs complete renovation although the roof is in good condition and wouldn't need replacing. Once again this could be developed for tourism purposes. It has great views out over the valley and a separate access. In front of this house there is an 'horreo' which is an Asturian drying barn. It is enormous and has huge potential. It will need some restoration work.



There is a small plot of land which is big enough for a vegetable garden and a grassy area. This area could be divided to provide individual areas for each property. There is the option to purchase more land below the house. There is electricity, water and sewage. 

The photos don't do the property justice so it worth having a look around. Here are some more pictures.


View between the main house and outbuildings


Roof of the old house


One of the outbuildings which would make good tourist accommodation


Upstairs in the outbuilding


Downstairs in the outbuilding - lots of wood


Covered parking area

Property for sale near Vilaoudriz, Galicia - €19,500


A property has come on the market near Vilaoudriz in Galicia. It is about 10 minutes away from A Pontenova. Click here for a map of Vilaoudriz . It needs completely renovating but is an interesting project for someone looking for a different life in Galicia.

The property itself is attached to another house which is only occupied for 2 weeks during the Summer. There is a third house which is abandoned. Although attached to a second house, it is not overlooked at all and has its own private area of land. It has about 5000 square metres of land which is on a steep slope. There is also an old outbuilding in which there is an old bread oven. 

The property faces south and has great views. It has water and electricity as well as a narrow access for cars.

Inside it has some nice features such as a bread oven, an intruiging wooden boxed area, interesting beams and a large downstairs area with lots of stone features. The stone looks good and a lot of the beams could be reused in the restoration.



The property could be restored with the bedrooms downstairs and the living area upstairs. This would take advantage of the great views. There is a covered area over the entrance which could be developed into a fantastic outdoor eating area.
The bread oven (separate building) could be rebuilt as a workshop, small cottage, storage area or some such building. Here are a selection of photos to give an idea of the property.









Property for sale in Piñeiro, Galicia - 98,000€

DSC02705 DSC02707









An interesting property is on the market in Piñeiro, Galicia. Click here for a map. It is interesting in that the house itself is habitable and does not need a lot of restoration work to make it liveable in. In addition to the house there is a beautiful barn which does need work to make it habitable but is is one of the nicest barns we have come across in Galicia. As well as the house and the barn, there is a outdoor lean to storage area and a nicely restored grain store (horreo). It is currently let as holiday accommodation during the Summer months. Click here for the Catastral plan of the property. The referencia catastral is 27051C001000240001TJ. Then click on cartografía


The main house is accessed up a flight of stairs and all the habitable accommodation is on the first floor. There is a kitchen, a lounge (this is unusual in this part of Galicia), 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet. There is mains electricity and spring water. There are also some nice architectural features including a nice wardrobe set into the stone wall.














The style of the property is very rural Galician, but without too much expense could be made to feel very cosy and homely. The house and terrace are 128 square meters. The ground floor (118 square metes) is currently a huge open storage area which used to be the old animal housing. There are various accesses and an old kitchen. It does not form part of the house upstairs and is only accessed from outside. It has huge potential to be developed into part of the main house or as a separate accommodation to maybe let to tourists.

DSC02701  DSC02698

DSC02703 DSC02704     

However, the real jewel in the crown is the barn which sits next to the house. It was built in 1948 and is a very attractive building. It has many air slits which could be used creatively in a restoration to distribute light. Also, with a small amount of excavation, it could be made into a two floor dwelling which could be used to live in or to rent to tourists. It is 82 square metres so could be a good size with 2 floors.


For more pictures of Piñeiro click here

The whole property and land covers 783 square meters. It is being sold complete with all the furniture, fixtures and fittings.

House near Pereiro, Alfoz in Galicia - €25,000

Property for sale in Galicia

A great property has just come onto the market on a southerly facing hillside above the village of Pereiro. It is about 2 kilometres from the 3 mills that are also for sale on this website. Click here to have a look at the mills. The house is next to a farmhouse where an elderly lady lives. Apart from this there are no other houses nearby. There is also a small plot of land in front of the house that would be suitable for a small garden or vegetable patch.

View from the house

The house has 2 floors, both of which are accessible from outside as the house is on a slope. The ground floor has a kitchen, a toilet and a stable. Outside there is also a large storage building. The first floor has a very interesting and large lounge (40 square metres) which a huge door leading outside at the back of the house. This leads on to another good sized room, which in turn leads on to a third room. This last room also has a door leading outside.

Upstairs lounge

This property would make a great holiday home as well as somewhere to live permanently. It requires completely restoring but has a new roof over the main part of the house. It also has electricity and water from a spring. In addition to this there is access to mains water in case the spring fails.





The lounge upstairs is a huge room (40 square metres) and it would make sense to make this the heart of the house with a nice wood burning stove. It is accessible through the huge green door from the back of the house. The room next to this would make a great kitchen diner and the third room at the back would make a nice entrance hall, cloakroom, toilet and utility area. It is easily big enough for all four! Downstairs, the kitchen could be converted into a nice large ensuite bedroom and the stable to the left of the entrance could become a second, even larger, en suite bedroom. This one has a large stable door leading outside and this could become a nice French window with direct access outside. This work could be done for somewhere in the region of €100,000 depending on the finish specifications

Rear doors on first floor


Lounge door


Front door


Room adjacent to lounge

3 mills, 2 swimming pools and 1 canal for sale in Galicia - €50,000

Mill 1 (1)

If you are looking for a property for sale in Galicia which is completely different, then this might interest you. In the small village of Pereiro, near the town of Alfoz, a fantastic piece of land with 3 mills is for sale. The first mill was used for grinding wheat and maize to make flour. The internal mill mechanism has been restored beautifully so it is really just the building that needs renovating. The mill itself is built with huge stones, typical of the architecture of the region. Leading from the river is a stone built canal in working order, that used to divert water to the 3 mills
Mill 1 restored interior (2)
The second mill is about 75 metres further downstream and has a network of canals that lead to it. It is larger than the first mill and could easily be converted into a nice little self catering apartment. It has the potential to have a working water wheel underneath it. Next to it is an 800 square metre vegetable garden. The whole area needs clearing but this could be done reasonably cheaply or by yourselves.
Mill 2 (1)
The third mill is another 100 metres further down the river and is the largest of the three mills. It has 2 floors, each of about 40 square metres. An extension could be added on the upper floor. This used to be the mill that generated the electricity for the local village.
Mill 3 (2)
This mill could be converted into a very nice 2 floor house for 2 people. There is access both on the ground floor and the first floor. It could also be used to generate the electricity for all 3 mills so both water and electricity would be free!
Mill 3
The upper floor has lots of light so would make a nice open lounge area with kitchen. Downstairs could be the bedroom and bathroom.
Mill 3 (4)

Next to the third mill are 2 natural swimming pools in the river. The river has a lovely sandy bottom so is not full of rocks.
Natural swimming pools (1)
There is more information to be added about this property including the price and property plan.
Information and suggestions
The Eucalyptus trees will be clared by the vendor. This will open up the site tremendously. There is also a huge amount of vegetation to clear which will transform the land. It will also open up the fantastic canal system between the mills, as well as the large vegetable garden. 
The properties would be ideal for a couple looking to have a rural lifestyle in a wonderful part of Galicia. They could be used personally or they could be used as a small tourism business with a self catering apartment. The mill could be opened to the public and flour could be sold. The vegetable garden would produce a good crop of produce. There is enough surplus wood to be used for wood burning stoves. Electricity could be produced (as it was historically) and water is abundant. 
It would be worth speaking with the local Council but there are grants for restoring places of historical value so this could reduce renovation costs. As a rule of thumb, costs for restoration are 500€ per square metre for a basic refit and 1000€ for something with a much higher specification. A lot of the external work could be done by the purchaser.