3 mills, 2 swimming pools and 1 canal for sale in Galicia - €50,000
Property for sale in Piñeiro, Galicia - 98,000€

House near Pereiro, Alfoz in Galicia - €25,000

Property for sale in Galicia

A great property has just come onto the market on a southerly facing hillside above the village of Pereiro. It is about 2 kilometres from the 3 mills that are also for sale on this website. Click here to have a look at the mills. The house is next to a farmhouse where an elderly lady lives. Apart from this there are no other houses nearby. There is also a small plot of land in front of the house that would be suitable for a small garden or vegetable patch.

View from the house

The house has 2 floors, both of which are accessible from outside as the house is on a slope. The ground floor has a kitchen, a toilet and a stable. Outside there is also a large storage building. The first floor has a very interesting and large lounge (40 square metres) which a huge door leading outside at the back of the house. This leads on to another good sized room, which in turn leads on to a third room. This last room also has a door leading outside.

Upstairs lounge

This property would make a great holiday home as well as somewhere to live permanently. It requires completely restoring but has a new roof over the main part of the house. It also has electricity and water from a spring. In addition to this there is access to mains water in case the spring fails.





The lounge upstairs is a huge room (40 square metres) and it would make sense to make this the heart of the house with a nice wood burning stove. It is accessible through the huge green door from the back of the house. The room next to this would make a great kitchen diner and the third room at the back would make a nice entrance hall, cloakroom, toilet and utility area. It is easily big enough for all four! Downstairs, the kitchen could be converted into a nice large ensuite bedroom and the stable to the left of the entrance could become a second, even larger, en suite bedroom. This one has a large stable door leading outside and this could become a nice French window with direct access outside. This work could be done for somewhere in the region of €100,000 depending on the finish specifications

Rear doors on first floor


Lounge door


Front door


Room adjacent to lounge


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