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February 2019

Property for sale in Naraido, San Tirso de Abres, Asturias - €95,000


This property is a fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to start an adventure in Northern Spain - it would be ideal for tourism, someone with a large number of visiting family and friends or just as an exciting property to develop in a unique way.

It is situated in the hamlet of Naraido which is fairly unique in that one half of it is in Galicia and the other half in Asturias. This property is in Asturias. Click here for a map.


Essentially there is one house that is habitable (just) with a nice kitchen and 5 rooms all on the same floor. There is a small bathroom. The two front rooms have fantastic views out over the valley. The house has a recently new roof and is beautifully pointed. Both of these are expensive jobs if you have to do them yourself. Downstairs is the boiler room and oil tank as well as a storage area/workshop. There is a huge supply of wood that is included in the price. The furniture is also included if you want it.



Across the access from the main house are a number of outbuildings. There is a washing area, an area that has been turned into a kitchen/dining area for large parties, a covered parking area and another fantastic outbuilding. All of these have recently renewed roofs and have been pointed and would be ideal for turning into a great space for tourists/visitors. Once again there is a mountain of cut wood that is included in the sale.



There is a third property which is attached to the main house. This property needs complete renovation although the roof is in good condition and wouldn't need replacing. Once again this could be developed for tourism purposes. It has great views out over the valley and a separate access. In front of this house there is an 'horreo' which is an Asturian drying barn. It is enormous and has huge potential. It will need some restoration work.



There is a small plot of land which is big enough for a vegetable garden and a grassy area. This area could be divided to provide individual areas for each property. There is the option to purchase more land below the house. There is electricity, water and sewage. 

The photos don't do the property justice so it worth having a look around. Here are some more pictures.


View between the main house and outbuildings


Roof of the old house


One of the outbuildings which would make good tourist accommodation


Upstairs in the outbuilding


Downstairs in the outbuilding - lots of wood


Covered parking area