3 mills, 2 swimming pools and 1 canal for sale in Galicia - €50,000
Property for sale in Galicia, near Trabada - 325,000€

Property for sale in Vilaseca, Galicia - €79,000


A large house in the quiet village of Vilaseca, near Riotorto, with fantastic views out over the valley and beyond. The house was built in the 1970's and is a very solid property with concrete floors and stairs. The adjacent parcel of land (2000m2) is available free of charge if the house is purchased. There are mainly fruit trees on the land.


Outside the front of the house there is a large space where you can park 2 or 3 cars. This area leads on the the attached land. The front door opens into a porch area with the kitchen on the right and dining area on the left. There is also a garage area that could be redeveloped to create a larger ground floor space.

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Up the flight of stairs there is a first floor comprising 3 bedrooms, an office, a bathroom and a balcony along the front face of the building. The internal walls are thin brick so the whole area could be reconfigured to suit your needs. The floors are very solid so you could even put the kitchen, dining area and lounge on the first floor to take advantage of the views across the valley.

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Another flight of stairs leads up to the top floor which sits within the roof space. There are windows around the perimeter but the area is essentially open without partitions. This area could be used for bedrooms, office, studio or fun zone. The roof is in good condition and is visually quite rustic. 

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In addition to the main house, there is a large space attached to the house. There is no access in to the house but this could easily be done. This could be used as a storage space, workshop, gym or fun party space. An access could also be made to go outside.


The house has electricity and water from a spring. As it was originally a house, then a licence should be relatively easy to obtain to do the works required.

So this property requires some imagination and some work to create the perfect living space, but the structure of the house is sound and the renovation work could be done relatively inexpensively. You would then have a great property, designed to your specification and with great views out over the valley. You would also be on the edge of a small Galician village so would be able to integrate with the local people and become part of village life. 


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