Alfoz, Galicia

House near Pereiro, Alfoz in Galicia - €25,000

Property for sale in Galicia

A great property has just come onto the market on a southerly facing hillside above the village of Pereiro. It is about 2 kilometres from the 3 mills that are also for sale on this website. Click here to have a look at the mills. The house is next to a farmhouse where an elderly lady lives. Apart from this there are no other houses nearby. There is also a small plot of land in front of the house that would be suitable for a small garden or vegetable patch.

View from the house

The house has 2 floors, both of which are accessible from outside as the house is on a slope. The ground floor has a kitchen, a toilet and a stable. Outside there is also a large storage building. The first floor has a very interesting and large lounge (40 square metres) which a huge door leading outside at the back of the house. This leads on to another good sized room, which in turn leads on to a third room. This last room also has a door leading outside.

Upstairs lounge

This property would make a great holiday home as well as somewhere to live permanently. It requires completely restoring but has a new roof over the main part of the house. It also has electricity and water from a spring. In addition to this there is access to mains water in case the spring fails.





The lounge upstairs is a huge room (40 square metres) and it would make sense to make this the heart of the house with a nice wood burning stove. It is accessible through the huge green door from the back of the house. The room next to this would make a great kitchen diner and the third room at the back would make a nice entrance hall, cloakroom, toilet and utility area. It is easily big enough for all four! Downstairs, the kitchen could be converted into a nice large ensuite bedroom and the stable to the left of the entrance could become a second, even larger, en suite bedroom. This one has a large stable door leading outside and this could become a nice French window with direct access outside. This work could be done for somewhere in the region of €100,000 depending on the finish specifications

Rear doors on first floor


Lounge door


Front door


Room adjacent to lounge

3 mills, 2 swimming pools and 1 canal for sale in Galicia - €50,000

Mill 1 (1)

If you are looking for a property for sale in Galicia which is completely different, then this might interest you. In the small village of Pereiro, near the town of Alfoz, a fantastic piece of land with 3 mills is for sale. The first mill was used for grinding wheat and maize to make flour. The internal mill mechanism has been restored beautifully so it is really just the building that needs renovating. The mill itself is built with huge stones, typical of the architecture of the region. Leading from the river is a stone built canal in working order, that used to divert water to the 3 mills
Mill 1 restored interior (2)
The second mill is about 75 metres further downstream and has a network of canals that lead to it. It is larger than the first mill and could easily be converted into a nice little self catering apartment. It has the potential to have a working water wheel underneath it. Next to it is an 800 square metre vegetable garden. The whole area needs clearing but this could be done reasonably cheaply or by yourselves.
Mill 2 (1)
The third mill is another 100 metres further down the river and is the largest of the three mills. It has 2 floors, each of about 40 square metres. An extension could be added on the upper floor. This used to be the mill that generated the electricity for the local village.
Mill 3 (2)
This mill could be converted into a very nice 2 floor house for 2 people. There is access both on the ground floor and the first floor. It could also be used to generate the electricity for all 3 mills so both water and electricity would be free!
Mill 3
The upper floor has lots of light so would make a nice open lounge area with kitchen. Downstairs could be the bedroom and bathroom.
Mill 3 (4)

Next to the third mill are 2 natural swimming pools in the river. The river has a lovely sandy bottom so is not full of rocks.
Natural swimming pools (1)
There is more information to be added about this property including the price and property plan.
Information and suggestions
The Eucalyptus trees will be clared by the vendor. This will open up the site tremendously. There is also a huge amount of vegetation to clear which will transform the land. It will also open up the fantastic canal system between the mills, as well as the large vegetable garden. 
The properties would be ideal for a couple looking to have a rural lifestyle in a wonderful part of Galicia. They could be used personally or they could be used as a small tourism business with a self catering apartment. The mill could be opened to the public and flour could be sold. The vegetable garden would produce a good crop of produce. There is enough surplus wood to be used for wood burning stoves. Electricity could be produced (as it was historically) and water is abundant. 
It would be worth speaking with the local Council but there are grants for restoring places of historical value so this could reduce renovation costs. As a rule of thumb, costs for restoration are 500€ per square metre for a basic refit and 1000€ for something with a much higher specification. A lot of the external work could be done by the purchaser.